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May & Special Edition Best Damn Book Box

So I have been signing up for some monthly book boxes to determine which ones I like the best. Currently I have a 6 month subscription to Best Damn Book Box   –  I had a 30% code for the 6 month so I ended up saving about $50 which was good. Each month you get a semi new released YA book along with several bookish goodies. At the moment I’m torn with the box. I have enjoyed majority of the items but my biggest problem is the wait to get the boxes. I understand that it’s a small business and life happens and the owner (Nicole) has done her hardest to make up for the fact that the boxes are late.

For example we just got the June Game of Thrones box in July. I will post the items inside that box in a few days.

The boxes start at $39.99 plus shipping.

May – Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beastbeauty and the beast BDBB

Found inside this box:

** not included in the box where the two Belle dolls. Those are mine from the amazing Disney Store and Disneyland! **

Special Edition – Alice Through the Looking Glass

throught the looking glassAlice box - BDBB

Found in this box:

  • Key Charm by Best Damn Craft Shop
  • Movie edition Alice Through The Looking Glass sticker book by Disney
  • Watermark bookmark designed by Marquis duSoleil
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass wood ornament created by Pigsey Art
  • Wonderland coloring book designed by Amily Shen
  • Queen of Hearts written by Colleen Oakes
  • two coloring pages and a small 4 set of crayons


** Not included was the tea set which is mine from when I was a little girl **


June Game of Thrones

game of thrones Bdbb1

July Neverland

neverland Bdbb1

August Oz and Everything Wicked

Oz and everything wicked Bdbb1

Special Edition Horror Box

horror Bdbb1


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