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LitCube July Book Box Review

I received my July LitCube book box and I have to say I have mixed opinions on it. For one it’s on the pricier side with it being $34.95 per month plus tax and shipping. And after the July box I felt that I did not get the full money forth inside the cube. I also felt that several of the items within the cube I won’t be using.

LitCube fills their cube with something wearable, something to be eaten, a book, and other bookish related items.

Like OwlCrate and The Best Damn Book Box LitCube provides a information sheet that explains what is inside the cube. However something that I really liked from the other two book boxes is that they  create their info card to have a connecting with their monthly theme.

July’s Theme was An Awfully Big Adventure


Found within the cube:

  • The Neverland Wars written by Audrey Greathouse – this also included a signed bookplate for inside the book.
  • Faith, Trust, and pixie dust adjustable copper Ring
  • Megpies all natural tart
  • Peter Pan tote bag
  • Tinker Bell inspired key chain
  • 4×6 Hand-designed Peter Pan Card
  • Purple sunglasses

Like I said before several of the items I won’t be using. They will go to my niece. Items such as the ring and sunglasses. I will use the bag as a library bag to carry books to and from. The Megpie was a mess and I had to throw that away. I have the keychain hanging in my bookcase and I will be reading the book.


litcube mermaid

This will be my last cube from them which I know my niece will like since she loves mermaids. They (the owners) have said that this box will include two books. With the main book being a brand new paperback release and the bonus book is an older book. I’m hoping that the books are books that I don’t already own and that the box is better than the Peter Pan one. ** fingers crossed **



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3 thoughts on “LitCube July Book Box Review

  1. I’ve been looking into various subscription boxes, and this one looks like a good one. Hopefully the August box is good!


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