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The Best Damn Book Box – July – Box Review

Out of my 6 month subscription with The Best Damn Book Box the June box is my second box. The Alice Through the Looking Glass was a special edition box.

I received my June box near the end of July. However that was mainly because the owner of the company had a family death and flew back to be with family for a little time to remember the one they all lost. And to make up for the lateness she threw in an extra item.

I love Game of Thrones. I’m behind in the show and the books. I have only read the first book and I’m on season 3 for the TV show. However I knew that I would love this box! And I did. I love each of the items found within the box.


June’s theme was Game of Thrones

BdBB June Game of Thrones.jpg

Found within the box:

  • A hand crafted magnetic bookmarks designed by Nerd Girl Designs
  • A hand crafted water color bookmark of Jon Snow made by Marquis Du Soleil
  • handmade dragon necklace by The Best Damn Craft Shop
  • An amazing hand crated dragons egg coaster made by Pigsey art
  • An art print of the Mother of Dragons by Marquis Du Soleil
  • A Bad Seed Bookmark for Michael Lackey‘s book The Bad Seed
  • A book plate for Crystal Crowned for the final book Elise Kova‘s series
  • A button pin of the Mother of Dragons designed by Infinity Designs
  • book The Crown’s Game” written by Evelyn Skye
  • Wax melts from Once Upon A wick


The Wax melts were the added item in the box to help with the longer wait. I plan on using them as soon as I get through my current smell which is fresh rose. I just love the magnetic bookmarks, they are too cute and I love that my collection is growing. I have placed the necklace and the dragon egg coaster in my bookcase near some of my special Game of Throne books. The pin has been placed on my work desk. Overall I think this is my favorite box from them so far.

Coming up are the July box and the special edition horror box.

July – Neverland

neverland Bdbb1


we have been given a few hints at what we will find inside the box from Neverland. One item will be a custom item from Once Upon A Wick. One to two books. And maybe a Pop Funko.

Special Edition Horror Box

horror Bdbb1

This will arrive I believe closer to Halloween. But will include bookish goodies along with a Young Adult horror book and a pop funko!!



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