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December is almost here! Today is decorating with CHRISTMAS decorations!!! And in my house that is a whole day (sometimes two) event. We go all out.

It’s been some time since I posted a review on here. That’s because my reading time has gone down because of school and work and family issues. But that will change come December. I’m going to make sure I get a lot of reading in.

Also my laptop pretty much crashed. I was told I needed a new one as soon as possible. So I started looking and fell in love with the Dell XPS 15 inch with the touchscreen. So I have been using my mom’s laptop for school work only. My new laptop arrives today!! So I will be able to work on posts and reviews soon.

So expect the following:

  1. past reviews for Read for Review books and a few select favorites
  2. reviews for book box – Owlcrate and one Best Damn Book Box
  3. Lootcrate box review
  4. FanMailBox review (this arrives next week so review after that)


Also……I’m going to be posting things beside book reviews. It will all be book related just not all book reviews. Thanks.


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