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My Love of Reading is a Never Ending Journey

Welcome 2018!!

Welcome 2018.pngWelcome 2018!!

2018 is a welcome sight for me since the last half of 2017 was rough for me.

First, my oldest dog required lower spine surgery and received 16 staples. After the surgery he has gotten a collapsing trachea which causes him to have extreme coughing fits. Because of this he now gets an inhaler twice a day and another medication 4 times a day.

Second, my youngest dog required neck surgery. This resulted in her getting 18 staples under her chin. After her surgery she now has B12 issues and required a daily medication along with a monthly injection.

I love both of my dogs but this journey has been rough and I now know way too much about dog medical issues and how to take care of extremely sick dogs. But through all this I wasn’t able to read as much as I normally would. Therefore, 2018 is going to be a new start for me.

I plan on reading more and to help save money I plan on using my public library and used book stores as much as I can.

welcome to my journey through books!!


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