escape in2 books

My Love of Reading is a Never Ending Journey

About Me

My Name is Lindsey!

I live in sunny California (but where that’s for me to know only). I have a degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a Early Childhood special education credential. Currently I’m working on getting two more special education credentials along with my masters in elementary teaching and special education.

Favorite authors include Stephen King, J.k. Rowling, James Patterson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Veronica Roth, and George RR Martin.

I’m a part time nanny and help take care of 4 amazing kiddos all under the age of 4! It’s an adventure but extremely fun.

When I’m not reading I enjoy watching TV. Shows such as The Walking Dead, Grimm, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Castle, Chicago PD&Fire, Rookie Blue, Scandal, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and many more.

I’m a huge DOCTOR WHO fan. I mean I’m a huge WHOVIAN!! One can call it an obsession, okay it’s an OBSESSION!


I don’t judge a book before reading and will always finish a book no matter what.

On my blog you will find news about books, my reviews of the books I read, and interviews with authors or any other special book related items. Occasionally I will add in reviews of movies based on books and any book to movie related news.

I’m just the average girl who works during the day then travels on a new adventure each night when I pick up my book. Books have the ability to take the reader on a journey and an adventure and to come alive in the readers mind – books are powerful for me in several ways.


Give me a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and a good book and life is great.



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