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167 out of 500

For 2016 I have a goal to read 500 books. Currently I’m behind that (by a lot) but I’m keeping hopes that in the next few weeks I can catch up and get closer to my goal. However I’m proud of what I have read so far.

Taken from Goodreads here are the books that I have read so far. I read to my niece when she comes over. She is 5 and has me put the books I read into my account so she can rate them. Therefore there are some kids books listed.

For those who don’t know the list works down. Meaning The books on top are read in July and it moves down. Therefore the last books listed are from January.

2016 12016 22016 32016 42016 52016 62016 82016 92016 102016 112016 12


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