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LitCube July Book Box Review

I received my July LitCube book box and I have to say I have mixed opinions on it. For one it’s on the pricier side with it being $34.95 per month plus tax and shipping. And after the July box I felt that I did not get the full money forth inside the cube. I also felt that several of the items within the cube I won’t be using.

LitCube fills their cube with something wearable, something to be eaten, a book, and other bookish related items.

Like OwlCrate and The Best Damn Book Box LitCube provides a information sheet that explains what is inside the cube. However something that I really liked from the other two book boxes is that they  create their info card to have a connecting with their monthly theme.

July’s Theme was An Awfully Big Adventure


Found within the cube:

  • The Neverland Wars written by Audrey Greathouse – this also included a signed bookplate for inside the book.
  • Faith, Trust, and pixie dust adjustable copper Ring
  • Megpies all natural tart
  • Peter Pan tote bag
  • Tinker Bell inspired key chain
  • 4×6 Hand-designed Peter Pan Card
  • Purple sunglasses

Like I said before several of the items I won’t be using. They will go to my niece. Items such as the ring and sunglasses. I will use the bag as a library bag to carry books to and from. The Megpie was a mess and I had to throw that away. I have the keychain hanging in my bookcase and I will be reading the book.


litcube mermaid

This will be my last cube from them which I know my niece will like since she loves mermaids. They (the owners) have said that this box will include two books. With the main book being a brand new paperback release and the bonus book is an older book. I’m hoping that the books are books that I don’t already own and that the box is better than the Peter Pan one. ** fingers crossed **



Subscription book boxes

As I mentioned in my last post I have been trying out some monthly book box subscription.

A few others I have tried out are:


LitCubeLogo.png $34.99 per month plus shipping – within this box one gets a YA book and some bookish goodies. They try to send items that we as readers can use. Items such as food or something wearable like t-shirts. They have monthly subscriptions along with a Gilmore Girls special box. I will be getting the July and August box from them but decided to cancel my subscription.

July is An Awful Big Adventure litcube peter pan.png –  Review coming once I get it.

August is I’d Rather Be A Mermaid litcube mermaid.png

Note: These pictures are not mine but from the creative minds of LitCube. Those are the pictures used to announce the themes for each month.


owlcrate  $29.99 per month, $86.98 3 month prepay, $167.94 6 month prepay – all plus shipping.

Found within this book is a YA new release Book along with several bookish goodies. Goodies might be jewelry, totes, yummy treats, pins, and more. They also include a wonderful note telling the buyer about the novel and the items within the crate. Also included in the box is a hint at what they will find in the next month’s box.

At the moment I plan on keeping my subscription to the box. I received my first one in July Which was Good Vs Evil (I got evil!). Review once I receive my missing info card which was left out but the Owlcrate team are sending a owl my way with a new one.

July is Fast Times At YA High owlcrate august.pngThis box will contain a funny high school love story by a queen of contemporary. Also included are items inspired by high school sweethearts and items based on the school of our dreams……..HOGWARTS!!!!

Trying in August

Along with Owlcrate I plan on trying two more book boxes. Those are


BooklyBox-copy-3 $22.99 per month plus $5.99 shipping. It’s currently on sale from $29.99 per month. BooklyBox is different – with each book box purchase they donate one book to a less fortunate country. Inside the box is a brand new book from the genre of the subscribers choice ( adult fiction, business, children 7-12, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, shelf help, and young adult) a bookmark, some tea, and two different items every month that will make a difference in the reading experience. Also included in the box is a report of where you donation went and how it will make a difference.

As a lover of charity work I’m excited to spend money on this book box knowing that some of the money is helping out others.

Once Upon a BookClub

ae966c58fa1a4d14a82a01bbe55eb61a.jpeg $34.99 per month, $100.99 3 month prepay, $199 6 month prepay, $390 12 month prepay – all plus shipping. This is a unique reading experience and I debated to sign up but ended up caving and going for it.

Inside the box will be a book to read. Which currently they are adult books but the creators want to branch out to a YA book box soon. Along with the book is a 5×7 quote print and 2-4 gifts that will match a quote or item mentioned in the book. What makes it a experience is that each gift is wrapped in paper with a page number. And the one rule for the box is to open the gifts as you read the book and land on the corresponding page. Pretty fun! Also include is a book club discussion questions for each month. Each question will have a date next to it and can be discussed on their Instagram page.


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