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Owlcrate – September – box review

Owl’s September box had the theme of Darkness which was great because              the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children was coming out in September and the box had an item based off the hit book written by Ransom Riggs.


Like the previous months I LOVED this box. Let’s dive into the box of DARKNESS!!


Theme – Darkness


Book: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

With the book we received a letter from the author along with a signed bookplate to place inside the book which was signed by the author.


Bonus Book: Remade by Matthew Cody

Remade is part of a 15 part ‘serial’ series. Which to me is like a TV show but for booknerds.


Other Goodies:

Candle: This candle has been created by The Melting Library and was inspired by the Throne of Glass series.


Canvas Pouch: Inspired by Ransom Riggs’s book Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Out of Print created a adorable canvas pouch which include a quote from the second book in the series. I used it the night the movie came out as a small purse.


Bookmark: Thanks to Evie Bookish for creating an adorable bookmark which will be great for when I read Crooked Kingdom.

Bath Fizzers: This was my first experience with a bath bomb. I have seen them online and my mall has a store which allows you to create your own. This bath bomb was made by Da Bomb.


October Sneak Peek:

go through 9-22-16 037.JPG

OwlCrate describes October’s box as the following ” the theme of the box is ONCE UPON A DREAM. The box will include a dark and atmospheric novel inspired by Russian folklore. The story is all about the magic that occurs in the middle of the night! We’ll also be filling each box with beautiful goodies inspired by fairy tales, as well as stories that feature dreams. This is a really beautiful box, and the book is perfect to read around Halloween!”

Item Sneak Peek: The box will include an exclusive item (priced at $20) designed by Whosits and Whatsits



Owlcrate – August – Box Review

Another month in 2016 has come and gone. But in the month another Owlcrate box has also arrived.

Each month the owners at Owlcrate surprise me and I just love everything they place inside the box! And that was shown with the August month. I just LOVED it all.


                                                        Theme – Fast Times at YA High

go through 9-22-16 016.JPG

Book: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

Also include was a signed bookplate, a letter from Kasie, and a set of colored pencils with the book title on the box.

Other goodies:

Decomposition Book – This adorable book has made it’s way into my purse to allow me to jot down books to read along with any quotes I hear that I like. This was created by Michael Roger.

Harry Potter items – The box had two adorable Harry Potter items. The first item was button which was created by Taryn Draws 

The second item was a stunning print of the Golden Tri which was designed by the amazing and talented Susanna Draws. I have already checked out her Etsy and been debating on a few prints to buy. All are so adorable.

Monthly Button – Owlcrate has decided on starting a monthly button item. Each month each box will have a button inside. This month’s button is the cute little raptor which is the chapter raptor. This was created by James Maxwell who also creates the monthly postcards. Which are too cute.


Owlcrate original Necklace – Owlcrate created a necklace for the box which was based off Eleanor and Park. It’s a necklace that I love.


Adult Coloring Book – Who does not love to just sit down, grab some colored pencils or markers and relax with a little coloring? I know I do. Therefore I love the coloring book that was created by Blue Star Coloring for this months Owlcrate. The details found within the coloring book are amazing and I have already colored one page and working on turning it into a bookmark.

Overall – I really loved this box. I have already put most of the items to use and working on a place for the buttons in my room. Each box just is amazing and a fun experience for a booknerd.

September sneak peek: The theme for September was Darkness with a item designed after Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. I have already gotten the box and OMG! It’s just another great box. Will post it soon.


The Best Damn Book Box – July – Box Review

Out of my 6 month subscription with The Best Damn Book Box the June box is my second box. The Alice Through the Looking Glass was a special edition box.

I received my June box near the end of July. However that was mainly because the owner of the company had a family death and flew back to be with family for a little time to remember the one they all lost. And to make up for the lateness she threw in an extra item.

I love Game of Thrones. I’m behind in the show and the books. I have only read the first book and I’m on season 3 for the TV show. However I knew that I would love this box! And I did. I love each of the items found within the box.


June’s theme was Game of Thrones

BdBB June Game of Thrones.jpg

Found within the box:

  • A hand crafted magnetic bookmarks designed by Nerd Girl Designs
  • A hand crafted water color bookmark of Jon Snow made by Marquis Du Soleil
  • handmade dragon necklace by The Best Damn Craft Shop
  • An amazing hand crated dragons egg coaster made by Pigsey art
  • An art print of the Mother of Dragons by Marquis Du Soleil
  • A Bad Seed Bookmark for Michael Lackey‘s book The Bad Seed
  • A book plate for Crystal Crowned for the final book Elise Kova‘s series
  • A button pin of the Mother of Dragons designed by Infinity Designs
  • book The Crown’s Game” written by Evelyn Skye
  • Wax melts from Once Upon A wick


The Wax melts were the added item in the box to help with the longer wait. I plan on using them as soon as I get through my current smell which is fresh rose. I just love the magnetic bookmarks, they are too cute and I love that my collection is growing. I have placed the necklace and the dragon egg coaster in my bookcase near some of my special Game of Throne books. The pin has been placed on my work desk. Overall I think this is my favorite box from them so far.

Coming up are the July box and the special edition horror box.

July – Neverland

neverland Bdbb1


we have been given a few hints at what we will find inside the box from Neverland. One item will be a custom item from Once Upon A Wick. One to two books. And maybe a Pop Funko.

Special Edition Horror Box

horror Bdbb1

This will arrive I believe closer to Halloween. But will include bookish goodies along with a Young Adult horror book and a pop funko!!


LitCube July Book Box Review

I received my July LitCube book box and I have to say I have mixed opinions on it. For one it’s on the pricier side with it being $34.95 per month plus tax and shipping. And after the July box I felt that I did not get the full money forth inside the cube. I also felt that several of the items within the cube I won’t be using.

LitCube fills their cube with something wearable, something to be eaten, a book, and other bookish related items.

Like OwlCrate and The Best Damn Book Box LitCube provides a information sheet that explains what is inside the cube. However something that I really liked from the other two book boxes is that they  create their info card to have a connecting with their monthly theme.

July’s Theme was An Awfully Big Adventure


Found within the cube:

  • The Neverland Wars written by Audrey Greathouse – this also included a signed bookplate for inside the book.
  • Faith, Trust, and pixie dust adjustable copper Ring
  • Megpies all natural tart
  • Peter Pan tote bag
  • Tinker Bell inspired key chain
  • 4×6 Hand-designed Peter Pan Card
  • Purple sunglasses

Like I said before several of the items I won’t be using. They will go to my niece. Items such as the ring and sunglasses. I will use the bag as a library bag to carry books to and from. The Megpie was a mess and I had to throw that away. I have the keychain hanging in my bookcase and I will be reading the book.


litcube mermaid

This will be my last cube from them which I know my niece will like since she loves mermaids. They (the owners) have said that this box will include two books. With the main book being a brand new paperback release and the bonus book is an older book. I’m hoping that the books are books that I don’t already own and that the box is better than the Peter Pan one. ** fingers crossed **


Subscription book boxes

As I mentioned in my last post I have been trying out some monthly book box subscription.

A few others I have tried out are:


LitCubeLogo.png $34.99 per month plus shipping – within this box one gets a YA book and some bookish goodies. They try to send items that we as readers can use. Items such as food or something wearable like t-shirts. They have monthly subscriptions along with a Gilmore Girls special box. I will be getting the July and August box from them but decided to cancel my subscription.

July is An Awful Big Adventure litcube peter pan.png –  Review coming once I get it.

August is I’d Rather Be A Mermaid litcube mermaid.png

Note: These pictures are not mine but from the creative minds of LitCube. Those are the pictures used to announce the themes for each month.


owlcrate  $29.99 per month, $86.98 3 month prepay, $167.94 6 month prepay – all plus shipping.

Found within this book is a YA new release Book along with several bookish goodies. Goodies might be jewelry, totes, yummy treats, pins, and more. They also include a wonderful note telling the buyer about the novel and the items within the crate. Also included in the box is a hint at what they will find in the next month’s box.

At the moment I plan on keeping my subscription to the box. I received my first one in July Which was Good Vs Evil (I got evil!). Review once I receive my missing info card which was left out but the Owlcrate team are sending a owl my way with a new one.

July is Fast Times At YA High owlcrate august.pngThis box will contain a funny high school love story by a queen of contemporary. Also included are items inspired by high school sweethearts and items based on the school of our dreams……..HOGWARTS!!!!

Trying in August

Along with Owlcrate I plan on trying two more book boxes. Those are


BooklyBox-copy-3 $22.99 per month plus $5.99 shipping. It’s currently on sale from $29.99 per month. BooklyBox is different – with each book box purchase they donate one book to a less fortunate country. Inside the box is a brand new book from the genre of the subscribers choice ( adult fiction, business, children 7-12, fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, shelf help, and young adult) a bookmark, some tea, and two different items every month that will make a difference in the reading experience. Also included in the box is a report of where you donation went and how it will make a difference.

As a lover of charity work I’m excited to spend money on this book box knowing that some of the money is helping out others.

Once Upon a BookClub

ae966c58fa1a4d14a82a01bbe55eb61a.jpeg $34.99 per month, $100.99 3 month prepay, $199 6 month prepay, $390 12 month prepay – all plus shipping. This is a unique reading experience and I debated to sign up but ended up caving and going for it.

Inside the box will be a book to read. Which currently they are adult books but the creators want to branch out to a YA book box soon. Along with the book is a 5×7 quote print and 2-4 gifts that will match a quote or item mentioned in the book. What makes it a experience is that each gift is wrapped in paper with a page number. And the one rule for the box is to open the gifts as you read the book and land on the corresponding page. Pretty fun! Also include is a book club discussion questions for each month. Each question will have a date next to it and can be discussed on their Instagram page.


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