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Passing It Forward Through Bookmarks

2017 – a whole new year that brings us a new President. I won’t go all politics on here since it’s a book blog which is to bring joy and happy with books that allow us to escape today’s society.

However after this past election cycle which was filled with so much negativity it’s time that society receives something positive because it seems that lately the news is filled with something mocking another, deaths, sicknesses, and so much more negativity.

My mom and I determined that we wanted to pay it forward to those in our community. As a reader I use tons of bookmarks both store bought ones and ones that I make.

We decided that we would make several bookmarks and anonymously pass out bookmarks at our local Starbucks.

We developed a set up where we would make the bookmarks and place them inside a bucket with a sign that reads “free bookmarks, please take one or two”

bookmark 7.jpg

The materials that I used for the bookmarks are:

Magazines – with the magazines I flip through each one to find pages that I could use and turn into a bookmark. This might be anything from a colored background to recipes to ads. Anything that can be used I use.

Bookmark shelves -These I buy on Amazon in a package of 200.


Bookmark Measure – To measure out the right size of the bookmark I use a box ribbon that is the right width and which I measured to the right length.


We have made over 400 bookmarks – I never counted for a offical total but I know it was somewhere near there.

Since we have started passing the bookmarks out it’s been a joy watching people look through them to find the right one for them.

One young girl could not pick just two therefore I told her that she could take a couple. After I told her it was I who made them she told me “my faith in humanity has been fixed.” Others have told me that having a book mark makes them want to find a book to read.

A free bookmark is something simple but in the end can bring a smile to ones face.


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